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Jan 21, 2016

Download free music with this collection of software.


From the first years that the Internet was made available to the public market the people are turning to the large network to download songs and, although since then many things have changed, the music continues to be one of the most popular topics by all the users world.



That's the reason why today I want to tell you how to download free music through some programs and some Internet sites that, I hope, like a lot.



Check them out and you will finally be able to satisfy your musical needs without facing unnecessary delays and without having to make annoying recordings.



In fact you just have to search the title of a song or backing tracks that you have to use at no cost in your projects and proceed with the download,



(Click on the software's name to visit the website)



Services to download music for free






SoundCloud is a website that should never miss in the bookmarks of a music fan. 



It is a famous service on which are loaded remix of famous songs, podcasts, and works by independent artists.



Not all the works are available for to be downloaded: Some songs can only be listened to streaming, but I assure you that there is lots of material and you'll be spoiled for choice.



To download a song from SoundCloud, connected to the main page of the site (the link is on the title of this paragraph), type the title of the song you are interested in the search bar located at the top and press the Enter key.



Alternatively, click on the Explore to see the most interesting music of the moment, or select one of the music genres listed at the bottom of the home page to browse the songs based on genres.



When you find a song that interests you, click the play button to listen to streaming or on the "download" button to download it to your computer.






BeeMP3s is a search engine that lets you find, and thus download, music from various online services. Its operation is very intuitive: at the top there is a search bar by which to find the tracks of your interest, while below are the charts with the most popular content of the moment (songs and artists).



When you find a song you are interested, you can download it to your PC by simply clicking on its title, then click the "Proceed to download" button, If the song is not downloaded to your computer, but streamed directly into your browser, try to right click on the player and select "Save As" from the menu that pops up.






If you are interested in works by emerging artists and, above all, go in search of songs to use for free in your projects (personal or business they are) go on Jamendo. It is a website used by artists and bands from around the world to raise awareness of their own music, which allows you to listen and download music for free in a 100% legal. There are even songs - released under the Creative Commons - that can be used in personal projects, such as videos, websites etc. without shelling out a penny and commercial projects for a small fee.



To download a song from Jamendo what you have to do is connect to the main page and click on the search button located in the upper right corner.



At this point you can choose to browse songs available on the site according to their genre, selecting one of the covers that appear at the bottom, or if you look directly tracks and artists (by typing the title or name in the search bar).



When you find a song that interests you, click on the arrow icon placed next to its title and then on the free download button.






Whatfunk is an Internet site dedicated to the public domain music. This means that only boasts soundtracks that you can download and freely use in personal and commercial projects.



Its operation is very easy to use. Once you connect to its home page, you must select one of the music genres listed above, and find the track of interest. Then you can choose to listen to the music file to streaming, clicking the play button, or download it directly to your PC by clicking on Download button placed at the bottom. is a famous website that has set itself the ambitious goal of preserving the collective memory by hosting, and then making it available for download, many cultural content. Among these there are also many songs no longer protected by copyright, recordings of live concerts and old radio shows.



The contents are divided into categories. You can browse them by clicking on the covers found on the home page or by selecting one of the tags listed on the right. Downloading songs is directly from the browser, without going through any special software.







Zedge is a famous international website that allows you to download wallpapers, ringtones, themes and graphics for mobile phones. All free, no registration and in a completely legal.



Ringtones are organized into categories: selecting the Popular tab, you can browse the most popular of the moment, clicking on the Recent tab, you can view the most recent, while clicking on the All Categories tab you can select a specific genre and only have ringtones belonging to the latter.



You can listen to a preview of all the ringtones hosted by Zedge by clicking the play button. To download them, however, first click on their title and then on Get ringtone and download buttons.






Software to download free music






If you're looking to find out how to download music without delay or wasting time, you can not but turn to Songr, a free program that allows you to search and download music from various online services. To download it to your PC, connected to the Internet site FileHippo and click "Download latest version" that is located in the upper right bar.



Once the download is complete open, double clicking on the file, the archive you just downloaded and run the executable content in it to start the installation process of Songr. Then, during the installation, click on the buttons in sequence: Yes, Next and I accept and setup will be completed. In the event that it is proposed will download additional promotional software, refuses clicking the Skip / Decline button.



Now it's time to use the program! In the window that opens, type the title of the song you want to download in the search field located at the top right and press the Enter key on the PC keyboard. Songr will track all files that may be of interest, and it will start streaming.



To view the full results of the search and download a song on your PC, presses the button "Show all" located in the lower left corner, right-click on the title of a song and select "Download" from the menu that appears.



Video DownloadHelper (for Chrome and Firefox)



Want to download the songs on a website, but there is no link to start up the download? Do not panic. If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you can install Video DownloadHelper, a free extension that can "capture" video and audio files in any Web page.



To install Video DownloadHelper in Chrome, connect to the Chrome Web Store, click the "Add" button and then click on "Add extension".



If ,instead, you are using Firefox, connect to the Internet site Mozilla Add-ons (click here) and click first on the "Add to Firefox" button and then click "Install".



When installation is complete, open a new browser tab, connect to the site that contains the songs you want and wait while the numbers appear next to the icon of Video DownloadHelper (the colored balls that are located at the top right of the toolbar Chrome or Firefox). At this point, click on the extension icon, select the name of the song you want to download to your PC and choose the folder in which to save it. That's all!



Warning: This tutorial is written for illustrative purposes. Download from the Internet, abusively, songs protected by copyright is a crime. It is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy and therefore I take no responsibility for the use you will do of the information contained in this post.



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