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Feb 1, 2016

How to get, configure and download files from uTorrent client


It seems that the golden years of eMule are over, there are always lurking endless queues, fake files, and Spy server.

Try to download the latest video course of your favorite chef, and instead, after downloading, you discover that you have downloaded a course of yoga or worse.



The solution is to use uTorrent.

uTorrent is a totally free software that allows you to download files shared (Peer to Peer) via the BitTorrent protocol.



The advantage of downloading with uTorrent is that there are no queues, the fake is minimized and you can find everything, from the music albums as well as games, movies, TV series and programs.



Downloading uTorrent



The first thing you have to do to start using this software you is to download and install uTorrent on your computer. To do so, click on this link (click here) or on the button just below this description.



The default download is for Microsoft Windows platform but this software is available even for Linux, Mac and mobile.



After the download, double click on the uTorrent installation file utorrent.exe that should be in your download directory.

Browse the path in which you want the files will be saved and confirm the tabs until the end of the installation.



Make torrent fast



Another important thing to do is access the router configuration panel and unlock the doors of communication used by the client to accept incoming connections to see which is the listening port used by uTorrent preferences and then click on connection.



So start the browser (the program you use to surf the Internet) and connected to the IP address of your router, usually the address is If the web page proves unattainable, try the address

Once you're in the router management panel, the combination of user name and password to be entered should be admin / admin or admin / password, you have to go into the dedicated port forwarding section and create a new rule and set its internal door and the door outside the Torrent client port.



Unfortunately, not all of the router control panels are the same, so I can not be very precise in my instructions.



How to download files from the bittorrent network



After configuring the settings of uTorrent you can start downloading files from the BitTorrent network. 

But how to find files on the BitTorrent network ?.

To search for a file on the BitTorrent network you can take advantage of search engines and Internet sites that index the files and allow you to download them in just a few clicks. One of the most famous is that allows you to search in the databases of many Torrent sites simultaneously.

To use it, enter the file name you want to find on the BitTorrent network into the search bar and press the Enter key on your PC keyboard. Then make sure that the search results are sorted according to the number of peers (ie complete sources, because there are more sources and faster will download the file), click on the file you want to download and select one of the sites torrent they are proposed by

On the page that opens, click the Download button to download the Torrent files via Torrent file, or on the Magnet link button.



The difference between these two download mode is that the first is based on using a small file (with the .torrent extension) in which are contained the "coordinates" to download the files from the BitTorrent network. The second, however, allows the client (in this case uTorrent) to collect themselves the "coordinates" for download without relying on the tracker server.



I counsel magnet links as they are more safe for the privacy point of view and shall ensure that the download even if the tracker server unit, is offline. It takes a few seconds wait in longer start of the download, but it's worth it.



After opening the .torrent file (by double clicking on its icon) or magnet link (with a click on the appropriate button in the browser) of your interest, uTorrent will ask you which folder to download the files. Then select the location of your preference and click on the OK button to start the download.



Last but not least recommendation: the use of torrent clients and download files via the torrent network is absolutely legal and is one of the faster way to share files; of course, to avoid problems with the law, copyrighted files can not be downloaded



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