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Feb 5, 2016

List of the best torrent search engines for summer 2016


After explaining how the P2P Torrent network works and how best to approach the uTorrent client in the previous tutorial (click here if you missed it), let's see which are the best search engine for torrent files for the summer season 2016 :



click on the names to directly visit the website.






Totally devoid of graphical frills, Torrentz is a website that lets you search for movies, music, programs, games and many other types of files on all the best torrent search engines simultaneously. 

Just type the name of a file into the search bar and you're done, the results are automatically sorted based on the number of available sources.

To start a download, just click on the first file name you want to download and then click the name of the site from which you want to start the download. Regardless of the site that you have chosen to use, you know that you can download files from the BitTorrent network in two different ways: the first is to click on the download button to download to PC the torrent file to feed the BitTorrent client (ie. uTorrent), while the second provides a simple click of the magnet icon (the so-called magnet links) that allows you to start downloading the client without having to first download the .torrent file to your computer (recommended).






Torrents.me ensures a perfect mix of graphics and effectiveness. It is a search engine that uses the databases of all the major Torrent sites in the world to allow the user to find what they want easily and quickly.



The results are shown in the pages similar to those of Google, so it should not risultarti difficult "browse". Furthermore, in the main page of the service there are panes containing the links to the most popular Torrent sites for each type of content: General for those hosting files of any kind, 

Music for those specialized in music, 

Movie & TV for those dedicated to films and TV series, and so on.



If you want to limit the results to only certain sites Torrent, after having searched on Torrents.to click on the Settings item that is located in the top bar and remove unwanted search engines by clicking on the "x" placed next to their names.



Torrent Meta Search



Torrent Meta Search is a search engine that draws on various Torrent sites database, such as TPB, KAT, TorLock and TorrentProject. It has an extremely poor graphics, as Torrentz.eu, but performs its job admirably.



As easy to understand, to use it just connect to its home page, type a file name in the search bar at the top and press the Enter key on the PC keyboard. The results can be arranged in order of seed, leechers, type or size. In addition, taking advantage of the controls in the left sidebar you can exclude some Torrent sites from the search and you can adjust other advanced parameters for research



Kickass Torrent



Now on to the Torrent "pure" sites, those that have their own database and allow you to search only files within the latter (not rely on third party sites as do Torrentz and the like). The first site of its kind invitation to visit you Kickass Torrents (abbreviated KAT), which can count on a really huge database.



KAT is a search engine for torrent files with extremely accurate graphics and incredibly easy to use. To find a file in it, you just have to type the name into the search bar and click on the magnifying lens. To browse the most popular content and / or recent, however, you can take advantage of the category lists (movies, music, games, etc.) On the home page.



Once you have identified the contents of your interest, you can get the relevant .torrent file by clicking the button with the arrow that goes down, or you can start the download by clicking on the magnet link magnet. To ensure a high-speed downloads, identifies the file with the highest number of seed.






1337x Torrent is another site with a separate database to keep highly considered. Its authors are keen to present it as a site where the average quality of the content is very high and the navigation between sections is very intuitive.



In fact, in addition to the search bar located at the top right (which is used to quickly find all types of content) you can use a convenient side sidebar that contains quick links to movies, music, applications and other files. Definitely want to keep in your bookmarks.






Among the best torrent search engines with independent database it shall also be mentioned TorrentReactor, which allows you to make direct searches (using the specific top bar) and search by category, using the links on the left sidebar (eg. Software programs, movies for movies and so on).

Clicking on the Advanced search button, also it can make a direct search by specifying its category (eg. Music, movies, software, etc.) And / or the date of indexing on the site. Once you find the files that interest you, to make a start the download just click on its name and then the download button.



Extra Torrent



Extra Torrent is one of the most popular Torrent sites of the moment. Inside you can find just about everything from movies to music, from software to games, and searching of content occurs in a simple manner.



To find a file simply type its name in the search bar located at the top and give Enter. The search results can easily order based on the number of seeders, leechers and the level of health (health) of Torrent. When you find the file that interests, to download it to your PC just click on the icon of the box and then on the link [Download Torrent]. Alternatively you can click on the icon of the magnet and start the download via magnet link.



Those who prefer to "browse" the contents according to their respective categories (instead of making direct research) can click on the Browse button Torrents Extra Torrent (top left) and seek new products in various categories of files: movies, music , games, books etc.






BitSnoop is a service that indexes the files on various Torrent sites. Unlike Torrentz, it does not see the download on other sites but allows you to find .torrent files and magnet links directly on its pages.



Explain how it is almost superfluous. In its home page you'll find a handy search bar to find content of all types: video, audio, games or software. Just type the title, select the type of file to find and click the Search button torrents.



Alternatively you can browse the contents indexed by BitSnoop in the form of lists or charts: by clicking on Browse and selecting one of the available categories of Video, Audio, Games and Software you can browse the contents belonging to the latter, while going in Section Top 100 you can see the standings with Torrent more "listed" of the day.






If you're unable to access any of the websites that I have just reported to you, try changing the DNS used by your connection. Setting of international DNS (eg. Google DNS or OpenDNS) instead of the default ones of your Internet provider



To change the DNS read my tutorial about how to speed up the upload of web pages (click here)



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