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Oct 10, 2017

What is the front-end and how it differs from the backend


In the previous tutorials in the programming section we saw the theoretical basis of the three major programming languages assigned to the Front End field.



Starting with the HTML that is the structure at the base of each web page, which is essential for SEO, it contains all IDs and classes that allow the CSS to interact.

The CSS Styles represent a feature that is at the base of the front-end development. Css styles, using the IDs and the classes html, give the pages the visual appeal making them clear and easy to use. In front-end, design and code are combined to create the web pages that everyone sees.



When it comes to programming languages ​​associated with the front end you immediately think of JavaScript. Javascript and more particularly the DOM is usually associated more easily because it is closely connected to the browser and the html code to interact by return.



Very often, but very, very often, the front-end developer is also involved in structuring the graphics layout for web sites, a task which should be entrusted to the visual designer, ambiguous and mysterious figure that in most of the time in the web agency missing or does not exist;



another function of the front-end branch is accessibility, it is to make available a website, and is also to make it accessible for most of the people who access the site, whether they have disabilities of some kind that do not . Disability does not consist only in severe physical problems, such as lack of sight or limbs, but resides in all that causes us discomfort.



Another key feature that the Front-End must meet is the Cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device. As stated by Douglas Crockford "The browser is the most hostile software development environment you can imagine." Mozilla and Microsoft are in constant war with each other to ensure at each subsequent release more new features, rendering speed, plugins and compatibility with new w3c standards.






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