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Coding (Php 7.x) Feb 8, 2019 14 Minutes to read

Loops in PHP (Tutorial)

Stop wasting your time and execute the same block of code several times. Learn PHP loop types: for, do ... while, and foreach.

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Coding (Php 7.x) Feb 1, 2019 13 Minutes to read

Why Warren Buffett would invest in PHP (and you should too)

Comparison between programming languages has been going on for years, here is the final decision.

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Coding (Php 7.x) Jan 22, 2019 9 Minutes to read

Conditional Structures in PHP

Check the path of your users by adding control structures to your code

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Coding (Php 7.x) Jan 15, 2019 15 Minutes to read

PHP Operators (part 2)

The second part about Operators in PHP, how many of them do you know already?

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Coding (Php 7.x) Jan 10, 2019 10 Minutes to read

PHP operators (part 1)

There are several operators you must learn to become proficient in PHP here is where

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Coding (Php 7.x) Jan 4, 2019 7 Minutes to read

Composite variable in PHP (Arrays, Object and more)

Learn the secrets of PHP composite variables such as arrays objects, resources and null

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Coding (Php 7.x) Dec 27, 2018 11 Minutes to read

How to use variables (PHP 7)

Variables do not cause headaches only to beginners, learn to use variables as an expert.

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Coding (Php 7.x) Dec 18, 2018 11 Minutes to read

Construct and Comments of PHP 7

Discover the complete list of PHP construct to better understand the core of the language

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Coding (Php 7.x) Dec 11, 2018 7 Minutes to read

PHP basics for expert web developers (1' part)

Learn the basics of PHP via step-by-step tutorial and example suitable for beginner and expert

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Coding (Php 7.x) Dec 2, 2018 15 Minutes to read

Frequently asked questions about PHP 7.3 [FAQ]

Check out all the new features of PHP 7.3 in small pieces that are easy to digest

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