Biscotti Tumminello


Tumminello biscuits are made in compliance with the oldest artisan processes. Genuineness, Fragrance and Goodness: the pillars of our production

Each tradition has its beginning and history of Tumminello Biscuits started back in 1977 in Castelbuono, a town of medieval origin, where he opened the first laboratory for the production of biscuits and bread for the will of Arcangela and Rosa sisters with their husbands Lucio and Vincenzo and reaches our days with such simplicity and attention to detail.

Our craft workshop family became over the years a small company in the territory of the Madonie, where each product comes in a unique way while respecting the traditions and with the choice of the best ingredients of our land.

The passion for bakery products, a passion we can be transmitted from generation to generation, now working to create the best cookies in the world and to ensure the authentic taste of the cookies once.

A timeless quality that bears witness to the passion for bakery products, a passion passed on from generation to generation. From the union between past and present is born so a wide range of manufacturing biscuits, to meet a demanding and attentive to the quality and authenticity of the products.

The seriousness, commitment, passion and meticulous attention to the wishes of the customer our teamwork, are the guarantee that every day, for over thirty years, we offer to those who choose it for their welfare a healthy diet, not to mention the good taste and the satisfaction of the palate.

Thanks to the authentic passion, the seriousness, the work precision and always looking for new products, our company is expanding, which employs the latest technology in compliance with production techniques inherited from the ancient tradition of craftsmanship.</p>

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