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The Journal

"Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time." Howard Nemerov


In this page, you will find my blog posts, I write to share my knowledge and my experiences.
Skim them and you will find what you are looking for.



In the coding part of this blog you will learn how are created websites and web applications



Do you have an artistic vein? browse through the tutorials in the graphics section, surely you will find ideas for your creativity



Lots of tutorials and tips on how to use softwares and the latest news in the field of technology

Coding (PHP 8) May 30, 2023 7 Minutes to read

PHP Security Best Practices PT1

Protecting Your Applications from Common Vulnerabilities

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Coding (Symfony) May 23, 2023 15 Minutes to read

Boosting Efficiency and Speed: Understanding Cache in Symfony 6

The Ultimate Guide to Cache in Symfony 6 - Everything You Need to Know

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Coding (Psicology) May 17, 2023 10 Minutes to read

40 Interview Questions Every Junior Web Developer Should Know

The Ultimate Junior Web Developer Interview Question Bank: Be Prepared for Anything

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Coding (Symfony) May 10, 2023 15 Minutes to read

Managing User Sessions in Symfony 6: A Beginner's Guide PT2

Discover the most effective practices for using sessions in Symfony 6 to ensure the integrity of your data

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Coding (Docker & Kubernetes) Apr 24, 2023 15 Minutes to read

20+ essential Docker tips for PHP developers

Maximize the efficiency of your PHP application development workflow with these top Docker tips and tricks

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Coding (Symfony) Apr 20, 2023 11 Minutes to read

Managing Sessions in Symfony 6: A Beginner's Guide

Discover best practices for using sessions in Symfony 6 and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Coding (Software architecture) Apr 18, 2023 15 Minutes to read

The Role of a Model in an MVC Framework

Best Practices for Implementing the Model in MVC: Ensuring a Well-Designed, Maintainable Application

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Coding (Software architecture) Apr 13, 2023 7 Minutes to read

Mastering MVC Controllers: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the essential role of controllers in building dynamic web applications

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Coding (PHP 8) Apr 11, 2023 15 Minutes to read

What’s new in PHP 8.2? (7 features for you)

A comprehensive guide to the latest features and improvements

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Coding (Psicology) Apr 6, 2023 7 Minutes to read

The Path to Becoming a Senior Software Engineer: Tips and Strategies

Discover the key technical and soft skills you need to excel as a software engineer and achieve seniority

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