Kick Fit Consult


Kickfit Consult are industry leading consulting experts that help martial arts school owners grow their martial arts business.

With their bespoke consulting and mentoring programme for martial arts school owners,

You’ll learn how to build a better business to boost your profits, attract and retain students, and gain a great reputation in your community.

With one-to-one sessions, ongoing advice, regular meetings and seminars;

you’ll learn everything you need to improve, expand or launch your own martial arts school


Excellent Support

KickFit Consulting is here to help owners of martial arts schools and those interested in setting up their own school, build a successful and profitable business.

With consulting, one-to-one coaching, plus regular events, and online support, KickFit Consulting teaches you everything you need to know to improve your school, attract and retain students, recruit staff, expand your business and ultimately love what you do.


Lots of Experience

KickFit Consulting is led by Ken Pankiewicz, an experienced martial arts instructor and owner of several successful martial arts schools across the UK which train over 600 students each week.

With over 25 years in the business, Ken has learnt what works (and crucially, what doesn’t) when it comes to running a thriving martial arts school. After achieving great results in his own business, Ken is now eager to share his knowledge, so you can replicate his successes and avoid the pitfalls when running your own martial arts school.


Faster Performance

Join KickFit Consulting and you’ll discover the business skills and systems that have been tried and tested in our own schools. You’ll find out exactly what we’ve done to make KickFit Martial Arts Schools one of the UK’s most professionally run and profitable martial arts businesses.

Take a look at our Consulting packages or enter your details below to receive your Free School Healthcheck Report.

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