Introduction to JavaScript

Coding (Javascript)

Briefly explanation about the story and the basics of JavaScript


In computing JavaScript is a scripting language oriented to objects and events, commonly used in the creation of Web programming, in websites and web applications ,

Dynamic and interactive effects via function invoked by events triggered in various modes by the user on the web page in use ( mouse , keyboard , page load etc ... ) .



The change of name from LiveScript to JavaScript occurred at the time when Netscape was including support for Java technology in its Netscape Navigator.

The choice of name proved a source of great confusion.

There is no real relationship between Java and JavaScript; their similarities are mostly in syntax (derived in both cases from the C language); their semantics are quite different, and in particular their object models are unrelated and are largely incompatible.






Unlike other languages, such as C or C ++, which allow writing completely stand-alone programs, JavaScript is used primarily as a scripting language, integrated, then, within another program.

The typical example,a host program to a script JavaScript is the browser. A browser typically incorporates a JavaScript interpreter; when visited a web page that contains the code of a JavaScript script, the latter is brought into primary memory and executed by the content in the browser.



The interfaces that enable javascript to establish relationships with browsers are called DOM (Document Object Model). Many web sites use client-side JavaScript technology to create powerful dynamic web applications.



A major use of JavaScript in the Web is to write small functions integrated into HTML pages that interact with the browser DOM to perform certain actions not possible with static HTML only: check the values ​​in the input fields, hide or display certain elements , etc.






the example below open a new window whith the string  Hello world written in it


   alert('Hello world');




The example below write the string Hello world inside the browser




   document.write('Hello world');




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