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					use Generator;
					$factory->define(App\User::class, function ($_Gen) {
					    static $password;
					    return [
					        'name' => $gen->name,
					        'email' => $gen->unique()->safeEmail,
					        'password' => $password ?: $password = bcrypt('secret'),
					        'remember_token' => str_random(10),

Website Design Agency in London

A Digital Agency working in London & Hertfordshire with years of experience at your service,

The Goal is to use our creativity to help your business, whether you need more customers or more visibility.

Over time, we’ve become experts with skills in Website Design, Web Development, SEO, Graphics Design and Online Marketing.

We are involved, and successfully delivered, in a wide range of industry sectors (learning, tourism, B2B), with clients from all around the world.

For whatever reason, you landed here, Join the community to see the latest about the trend on the web.

My Projects

I have successfully completed each of my projects either for companies and individuals.
I create completely personalized web applications in which I implement bespoke CMS for a fast and easy usage.

Worked With

British Airways

2019 is the year that sees BA mark their Centenary,100 amazing years of taking the world to Britain and Britain to the world.

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Training Setouchi Trip

Discovery and enjoyments, experience and indulgence, a world of adventure awaits you in Setouchi

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Barbados Elite Club

Barbados Tourist Board provides everything tourists need for perfect holidays, including info on how to enjoy this fabulous island

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Peru Travel Training

Peru, invites you to discover that being rich isn’t about having the most; it’s about experiencing the most unforgettable moments

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an integrated web marketing agency specialized in travel, fashion and lifestyle. Based in the heart of London and with its innumerable worldwide partners helps the development of the businesses

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I worked with Nico as a web developer in-house at Motus UK Mercedes-Benz division.
He works hard and shows real grit & determination. When he commits to something he sees it through - Never sick or late

Motus, Mercedes Benz

Tom Hughes - Senior IT
This guy is a badass!!!

F.I.P.E Web Design

Peter Azea - C.E.O.
One of the most dedicated and passionate professional I have come across and his commitment to the field of web development is highly commendable.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Nico in any organisation.

Imperial Commercials

Jigar N. Mehta - Software Engineering
He is enthusiastic, ambitious and driven with a real thirst for knowledge.
During his time with us, he proved himself to be a great counselor to the other members of the team and pro-active with suggestions and ideas to improve my business.

Kick Fit Academy

Ken Pankiewicz - Director
I worked with Nico on an article and was Iextremely impressed by his intelligence and dedication.
During the course of the project, he demonstrated a keen ability to think outside the box.

Talk IT Training

David Ringsell - Founder


Blogging was once used to share a person’s thoughts,
Nowadays it is a platform that allows to communicate and receive feedback from plenty of people all around the world.
Have a look at some of my blog post.

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Malcolm Gladwell, Journalist and author came up with the idea that you need 10000 hours to master a skill, let's see if it's true

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Good Practices: use stream in PHP

Transfer data the right way using stream, the hidden gem of PHP

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Good Practices: Dates, Time & Time zones in PHP

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Good Practices: handling error and exceptions in php

Error and exception are part of a web developer on a daily basis, learn how to handle them gracefully

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Good Practices: PHP Security, How to manage password

From credit card stoled to online retailer hacked there are more attacks every year, are you safe?

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