UI design?

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What UI Design stands for?, exploit your artistic flair!


The UI design, acronym of User Interface Design is a subset dell'UX design, we can think of it as his "visual soul". And is also the most easily misrepresented job and subject to free interpretation by companies in job advertisements.






While the User Experience is a conglomeration of actions focused on the optimization of a product, the UI design deals purely the presentation of the product (or brand, the service, the company), which for some companies implies a compulsory knowledge of brand design and / or front end development, while for others it is sufficient to be graphic design experts.






Neither of the two schools of thought is more or less correct than the other: to make it simple, we talk about different sides of the same discipline.



The UI designer is in fact, delegated to everything related to the visual and interactive part of a web product, primarily the interface that is presented to the user and representing the very first impact with the brand.






It conveys confidence? He's driving toward what I need? Where am I brought to click?

The ultimate goal is to guide the user around the page, indicating clearly and precisely where he can find what he is looking only through the interface.






While the UX designer does not necessarily need to know the code, UI designers are increasingly being requested to approach to web programming in order to build a better interactivity with the user.



From this point of view, his figure and that of the web designers are slowly merging and becoming a single job.






The UI designer also focuses on storytelling as part of the presentation of a brand, and often extends a style guide that contains all the crucial aspects of brand identity (use of the logo, fonts, graphic aids for social media...) it needs to standardize and make communication consistent.



He is entrusted with the task of finding the best way to transmit values, mission and corporate vision through visual communication.






Which of the two aspects is more important?



This is not to decide whether to devote himself to one or the other task: both are indispensable.



If a page is highly efficient in terms of user experience but is aesthetically unwatchable, it probably has not done a good job of UI design.



If, however, the page is attractive and well built, but has clear navigation problems, missing the base a UX design process.



The two disciplines complement each other and should always be treated equally.



Choose which of the two to specialize depends on attitudes and character: an individual more likely to create, surely will have a greater interest in UI design, while a person also oriented analysis, research and co-ordination of a team will likely find its way nell'UX design.












This is part 3 of the serie about Web Design. 



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