What is UX design?

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UX Design: How To Satisfy your user using colors, shapes, and science.


In the professional life of every designer, sooner or later it comes the crucial moment in which words such as UI design, UX design, interaction design and information architecture join permanently become part of his daily vocabulary.









What is UX design?



UX design is the acronym for User Experience design and consists of the set of processes aimed at increasing user satisfaction by improving the usability of a web page, its ease of use, intuitiveness and interaction.



The term was coined in the late 90s by Don Norman, co-founder of the Norman Group Design Consultancy






This implies the fact that, beyond the means used, the UX design includes any type of interaction between a customer (potential or active) and the company that provides a service or product.

It is a real scientific process applicable to any field, not only to the design of websites, although over the years has become almost exclusively a feature of the digital world.






The ultimate goal is always to improve the user experience, providing exactly what they want, without too many frills or complications. There are several errors that can affect when creating a website, an e-commerce or a blog and it is important to be careful during the development phase. A good result is not achieved only through the right combination of shapes and colors, but also through engaging content, call to action well positioned, fluidity of navigation and ease of understanding of the processes.






The UX design is complex, full of challenges and facets.

Although it is not a market research, it is closely related to the analysis, the A/B testing and continuous production of reports.

The UX designer is a multitasking figure who juggles design, marketing and project management and has basic knowledge of sociology, psychology and cognitive science. It provides clear and accurate information to other departments, to ensure that the final product is as close as possible to the latest customer needs.









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